how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger

The issue is the same for me on desktop and mobile. However, if the app cannot be accessed by a particular user, problems in the device or software installed in that device might be the main cause. Step 1: Double-tap on the home button to open the list of recently used apps. The last 2 messenger updates haven’t fixed it either. It will configure the network connection to its recommended setting. Messenger’s “active status” is still not functional, even after update. How to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019 in showing messages? All I get is “use data to view all” but when I click it, nothing happens. It seems to be account based and not device specific. I have 8GB free storage and I’m connected to a strong WiFi connection. 2) No more Emoticons available from writing in the text box. Facebook Messenger is down! Messenger is all of a sudden not working on my MacBook since it updated, it opens to a white box and that’s it, Video calls are on horizontal even the auto rotate is off. Messenger has limits in place to stop messages that people may not want to get, like spam. Can send photos but cant view them suddenly just now. Same, why does it work for other accounts in my same device??? If you want to open a new one is closes instantly.Don’t worry, Facebook itself will die one day just like myspace, hi5 etc. I’ve un and re installed…no help. If I open a second bubble it all falls apart. My last active doesn’t seem to work anymore. Also on my messenger last active status on all of my friend disappeared few days agoo, but some times shows on some but just for a few minutes. There are times when user is not able to see messages on the … I am sick of this. Looks like this is happening with Mac only. If you are using the Messenger application on a PC or macOS device, there are ways to identify the last login using the Web Version of the service.. For starters, open up your standard browser (e.g. Mine has been down since Monday, and is still currently down. Mine hasn’t been working for 3 weeks now. Only Delete is available. For the last 2-3 weeks messenger has been on and off showing my cousin online and active now but my messages to her sit as just sent not delivered and then she’ll show as offline with a last active status for anything from 2 minutes to hours. I have an LG Stylo 5. Then if I turn off and back on my phone it’s the new versions. I’ve reported it 9 times and no response. Please fix this soon, it is clearly a bug in the App implementation of Skype. Ive forced stopped app. Yes alot of people are experiencing this ,my last active is gone over a week now, I have reported it multiple times and still not fixed. Log in to Front in an incognito browser window to avoid any existing sessions. To ensure that such error will not happen, user can update their system to the latest version. I recently read about someone asking for help on Quora, although I saw that they asked a few years ago. and on the home page if a friend is active, there is no green dot!!!??? It is an instant messaging application developed by the mega social media. It looks like when they did the update they have turned everybody active to of in the Facebook settings. FIX IT, Ughhhhh. I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing works. When is this going to be fixed. I have been reporting it! I’m pi$$ed too!!!!!!!!! This person is unavailable on Messenger meaning. Sinead, is yours still working? That used to be a big help by not having to check each individual separately before texting so they don’t get disturbed while sleeping. Anyone else having problems today? I am experiencing troubles for days now. Samsung S9 Android. If the device is not setup to do automatic update, user has to visit app marketplace (Play Store or App Store) to check whether there is an update available. There are other interesting functions that can be done by this app; surely you do not want it to fail working for you? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 2.3 Update or Reinstall the App. There is also a probability that the app contains virus. I am reporting the same problem and do not seem to be able to find answer anywhere. Learn how to unblock someone on Facebook or in messenger. I am still having this issue, but I have an Android. I tried downloading an older version of fb messenger. It’s been happening ALL DAY!!! Username * E-Mail * Password * Scroll through options to get to Wipe Cache Partition by moving volume buttons. Thanks. The main goal of this site is to provide quality pieces of information, tips, tricks, hacks, and other nerd or tech-savvy things to improve their knowledge. 28 feb 2020 update on ipad has totally jammed,cannot download update or delete and reload just stuck. Check Internet Connection Confirm the choice by clicking on Power button. I’ve been reporting and emailing them non-stop and it’s frustrating. Cannot respond to the message showing on my screen. Not working on phone, iPod or laptop. Only way to access is by entering a name on the search line. Manage the network connection on your phone. sometimes it appears on browser but goes off when i refresh the page, No not fixed yet , dont know if anyone is even listening to us all moaning about it. FB is loading very slowly and crashes on occasion. When I go to log-in cannot respond to message my page comes up, but I cannot navigate around the page. My messages stay in the “sent” status for an hour sometimes. Facebook Messenger allows users to send and receive text messages as well as photos and video. However, some users are experiencing a few Facebook Messenger troubleshooting. And I can’t tell when my person is in the conversation or if they’re out on Facebook. If I delete the FMessenger app and reinstall it, the attachment shows. I keep getting the message ‘Facebook has stopped’, happens several times. Windows, iOS, and Android users only need to follow typical steps of rebooting the device. messenger needs to restart.” then when you click the restart it closes comes back up and the message pops up again. The active status is still gone. 3 Ways to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019. Now, did you fix it? Sept 22, Messenger crashes when trying to view Messages. I have tried everything and nothing works. For example, a message that reads: “This person isn’t available right now” could signal you've been blocked on Messenger (or maybe completely blocked on Facebook). I am unable to see the active status when a friend is online or when they were last active on Facebook and/or FB Messenger? This was on my phone app. Features that are offered by this application are very varied. On Facebook Messenger, users are not only able to send/receive text messages but also can send/receive voice messages or videos. How to fix this person is unavailable on messenger? But the messenger works fine in my Macbook. I can send gifs, video and text, but no images. As of this morning there is a wave of people reporting the same thing in the community help section. The reason could… However, it can be global too. The glitch can also occur because operating system equipped in user’s device is outdated, therefore cannot accommodate the application. Check Internet Connection Facebook has just launched Messenger Rooms, a video chat app with the ability to add up to 50 people ...[+] in a virtual room. has been happening on and off for the past week and i need to refresh the window in order to send/receive messages. Messenger’s last active disabled the past few days (I can see who is active at the time). But if I click on the notifications under marketplace it just opens random marketplace listings. And on the history, there is a red exclamation point as if there was an error…… please fix it ASAP, I use it for my work. If you’re having issues with your messages not being sent or received, your network settings may need to be reset. No I haven’t yet I have one other person I can try today. I went to settings and removed and click forget this network and then added both again , of course make sure you know the wifi code to re enter to add the wifi if you are using wifi for fbook. Either way, something is broken big time at FB. Are there any bugs on the app? User can also turn off then turn on their internet connection. First Name * Last Name * Display Name. If you turn it back on you will show active, but everybody has to do for it to work again like before. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. On the Home screen, tap Apps icon. Suddenly today Messenger has stopped me sending any pics on it?!! While the two are partially connected when you have a Facebook account, you aren't required to have one to use Messenger. I hope this issue will fix soon. This doesn’t make sense. Usually, user presses Power button of their device for a long time to turn it off. Chrome) and go to the Messenger homepage.If you need to, login to your account here. SO I can still message from the Windows 10 app, it isn't unavailable, it just won't let me! Is messenger aware of this problem anyway? This has been going on since 29 Jun 2020. Facebook has become fat, bloated and controlling and I have to say it sucks. THEN I later received a notification for a NEW chat that was nearly 1 MONTH OLD from a new contact! I’m active, friends are active I checked. Select Reboot System Now once the process is completed. Has anybody else found a fix for that? OMG!!! Their is the option of not sure how to say it a reset if your phone but can lose a lot if data that way. Continue with Facebook. I bet this was done on purpose to show us SHEEP they have the power. Not receiving replies to marketplace messages. The active list shows but the recently active list doesn’t show and time stamp is gone. I wanted to tell the world this morning that I had a BACON&EGG sandwich. Even then, if user does not own an account or does not want to link their account, this app can still work. To be able to send messages to the person, you first need to unblock him/her. How to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019 in sending or receiving messages? Unfortunately, such glitch may occur to this instant messaging app every once in a while. They are not getting “Delivered”. This can be a great way to fix the Facebook Messenger app if it is frozen or unresponsive. Is there a way to contact a helpdesk? Anyone else having this problem. Facebook works fine but FB Messenger app keeps giving me error: “Something went wrong. My messenger app keeps crashing every time I make a call and every time someone calls me. I really hope they make an update fixing it! This article has discussed possible causes for the messaging app not running in proper way. Thanks! User may experience glitches in the device that hinders this app’s access. Follow the steps below to see if it will help if video calling issue continues. Yes, is happening to me but not my friends, Cannot access fab or messenger on iPad but working on laptop. It can happen if user is listed as spam user. User simply needs to activate this function and link the debit card or PayPal account. Before learning the methods related to how to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019, it might be useful to know the typical errors that may occur in the app’s usage. This doesn’t make sense. Not recommending it but was like u said last resort thing I saw during googling. I’ve tried deleting the app and adding it again , doing the update on my phone , and rebooting phone but none of those things helped to have it work. Reading here I don’t seem to be alone, but would love to know to fix!!! Looks like this is happening with Mac only. Common issues include chat messages not being delivered, Facebook app keeps closing, not sending or receiving, Facebook app crashing, connection not working to server, and this can also be when Facebook Messenger is down for maintenance. Looks like this is happening with Mac only. I tried posting to Reddit. Click the “Turn Off Chat” option to make yourself appear unavailable to all Facebook friends. Anyone else having this issue and/or know how to fix this? Mozilla Firefox advises me that the Certificate for Facebook has not been configured properly and won’t let me in, this is for the last 15 hours, will Facebook sort this out immediately, please!!!!! Every time I bring my messenger up on my Chromebook, it’s up for maybe 5 seconds and closes out/crashes? I am using iPhone 10x or iPhone X however some refer to it both ways. Well, that means to spend more time reading books rather than following other people’s lives. Thankfully auto-updates are turned off on my phone. iOS users do not need to try out this method since Apple devices are designed to automatically clean up space from caches and junk files. Through this article, you are going to learn how to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2019. messenger. . The latest status update will be left below with scheduled maintenance information when it arrives. But, the next time, I get one, I have to remove the app and reinstall this to see the message. Messenger App Something's Broken Using Messenger in browser i regularly get a red textbox in the top left of the window saying that 'Messenger is currently unavailable'. I wouldn’t have done it and could not say if it will help and likely cause you a headache unless you have everything backed up. To fix virus damage, scan your machine with PC repair tool Reimage Intego Although Messenger virus has been doing the rounds of Facebook for years, it seems that it's on the rise again. The glitches may attack several applications within the device or make it slowing down. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstalling it but it won’t open. Recipient who disables payment feature in Facebook Messenger will not be able to receive money through this app. Now I’m furious because it didn’t even fix the problem. After an hour or two from installing and reinstalling, I cannot send messages (in real time). What did you switch off? 1) Can not just mask conversations anymore. However, there are times when the app will not work properly. Sign up and get rewards! I’m getting pissed. My last active was not showing for 10 days and then it just came back,maybe it’s when messenger had a new update, I reported it every day but no reply, it seems to be a glitch on messenger. Doubtlessly, this is a helpful feature for users - they can send the messages more quickly and share some interesting or useful videos on iPhone or Android devices with others.. All is fine only until Messenger … Is this part of the latest update? I can no longer open any links in Still having this issue. All their friends are missing and search doesn’t work. I sometimes can delete one. New issue: Facebook Messenger does not show attachments on Ipad or Ihone. Problems since March 3 2020 On iPad and iPhone Yet was this morning. After a while, user has to do similar action to reactivate the device. This has been going on for a month now. After opening the second bubble, that chat (in the second bubble) shows the chat from the first bubble and the first bubble doesn’t show any chats, it shows the screen behind the chat. Revoke the Front app permissions from the Facebook user account doing the authentication. Do you think some people who has the same issue already fix it? Hope you get it sorted soon. I switched it off last night turned it on today and it was miraculously fixed! Mine is gone white for the last 2 days on IPhone but not on the Ippad, messenger opens up with just a blank white screen on messenges sent to me, adds and spam open right up. Notifications on Android Facebook app aren’t showing up when I click the bell icon. When I tap the icon, it starts to come up, then quickly shuts down. Same thing happened and it FREAKS me out!!! I am able to send text based messages successfully but not picture. Check your Inbox folder to get confirmation mail. Only can delete for me. I’ve restarted my device. It doesn’t do showers of moons or snowflakes or balloons anymore . Facebook has become garbage and surprised it has happen this quickly. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is a little out of control that it’s been doing this for SO LONG. Please try again.” This happens when trying to open Messenger from FB by clicking on the messenger icon, upper right corner. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled several times. Step 2: Find Facebook Messenger and then swipe up to close it. mine is not fixed. Checked with friends and turns out I’m not the only one with the issue. Today we were messaging and all the sudden it won’t show last active and I know he did not hide his active. I reinstalled it checked for updates, cleaned memory, but still nothing. I can’t receive messages on iPad. I’ve turned my phone on and off again. Can’t open any links shared by friends and can’t open activity log, it just kept refreshing and crashing. Is this last active status issue only happen now or it happen before like few years ago? Is the “last active status” in messenger not working issue is a bug that happen now or a few years ago happened it too? My friends also show OFFLINE despite being active, on my screen. It is necessary to contact bank or PayPal when such issue occurs. I mean come on now. How to Get Free Robux in Roblox 2019 (Free Robux No Hum…, All About Epson Error Code 0x97 and Best 10 Methods to …, All You Have to Do to Fix “irql_not_less_or_equal…, All You Need To Know About “Windows 10 Memory Lea…, The Best 14 Methods to Fix PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA …. How to fix it: I’ve been having the same EXACT problem with mine all day and have been looking for some answers…. Sending screenshots in Facebook Messenger on my iPad comes up “couldn’t send” and I get a red ! Facebook has been the most popular social networking site in recent years. How to fix it: To ensure you’re signed into your Apple ID, tap Settings. User can also make voice and video calls using this application. However, some users find that this feature does not work for them. I am having the same issue! Now you can invite your messenger friends. Method 1. This is really annoying! It enables more streamlined process of money transfer. Meanwhile, Apple phone users can follow these steps instead. You can also take a look here to see if Facebook Messenger is down I can’t make posts or comment but I can react to posts. That didn’t work out, I still couldn’t view the last Active Status of anyone. When trying to PM people, the latest message appears on the top instead of the bottom. Not impressed. I’m not getting any response either.. Im tempted to deactivate the account its not working on and use a new account I created (its working on that one). it starts up and then just closes again. My iOS app won’t even open. Click on Download and Install on the available update. If you were warned about sending too many messages or sending them too quickly, you'll need to stop sending so many messages or you may be unable to send messages on Messenger. It is not my computer, I checked everything. My inbox shows new messages… About about after 10 messages it shows conversations from 5 years ago and the conversations in between don’t show up. But at least now I know I wasn’t the only one. I want my money back! No more bubble in the top right corner . Looks like a serious issue that is affecting logins worldwide. Every time I watch a video or leave a comment there is a huge lag time before I can hit the like tab or at times, even scroll. So maybe if I had deactivated and reactivated both it may have helped. Despite entering the correct login credentials, in certain situations user may not be able to access the account in their device. Anyone else having this problem? Messenger won’t let me receive pictures or video from my Grand-daughter and can’t video chat which makes the two Portals we bought less than a year ago USELESS. I can’t retrieve messages on iPad either. I hope facebook is aware of this and now fixing the issue. I also uninstalled messenger and installed again. Guys, mine is showing the “last active” today, fingers crossed . If there was an update there for messenger I would have done that too, but no update for fbook messenger yet. I think the more people who report this the more they will see it as an issue/ Even on the desktop I am having issue with seeing my friends last active and they did not turn it off at all . Once the update is downloaded into user’s device, click on Install Now. Tonight it doesn’t stay open. iOS is a smooth mobile OS, and for the most part, works flawlessly. User needs to uninstall the application from the device first. I am also having the same issue…but could the next update of messenger fix it? Not sure how long you’ve had the issue, hope it’s resolved soon for you! So frustrating. Facebook is now a great and better way of connecting with people around the world. . This app also allows user to send pictures and video to other app users. I cannot receive messages as well. the last active on messenger, ’cause i thought it was a lost case :P. i don’t think that helped.. it was fixed the next day, I did nothing, just checked this morning and it was working, My last active still isn’t working either. This is the first time this has happened to me. Solution. There are several reasons that may cause such unfortunate situation from sender or recipient’s end. Started after the iOS 14.2 update. I reported it again but im not sure doing that even makes a difference. Loads but disappears in seconds. Did it happen to you again? LOL. The payment feature is one of the most useful functions that user can find in this application. I literally report this as a bug within the messenger app every day and no response. How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2019 – Have you ever tried using Facebook Messenger? I m not able to see last active status of others. Can’t type a message because it closes too quickly. Newest Android update…..Messenger works when I open App but doesn’t notify me or pop up head otherwise. The easiest way to solve it is by restarting the device. Very frustrating. First, we will discuss the common methods and then, we move forward towards methods to fix messenger video call not working issue. Agree! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, if that method does not work, it is better to reset the network connection. Weird. Happening for anyone else right now? On laptop it says I have no messages with anyone, on iPod it cannot load messages and on phone it just won’t send or receive anything. I’m not sure how to answer that I got it working again but it was as of late last night. Thanks. developers ?????????? Restart phone .Still happens Cannot open messages that came in. I’m 35 and noticed that no social media stays #1 forever. This is one of the most important questions, whenever some of your favorite … Sign up and get rewards! The active status is not updating for some of my contacts but for others it seems fine.. for example someone is typing a message to me but it still says “active 4 hours ago” even though they are clearly active at the moment.. Going on for about a week now. Just so you know I’m a regular person having the same issue with the fb messenger active status bug. It’s only on the app, they show up on the desktop. The more we report the issues on the app the more they will see it as an issue. It show me there is a message but know way to access it unless I go into Marketplace find the item again and check on conversation. Sorry I can’t help more but maybe some of this would work for you , could also try what I did, which likely you may gefe already but I did try the reboot phone, did the software update and removed and added the messenger app back. Id, tap settings this has been going on for a new!. Fb messages on my iPad comes up “ couldn ’ t send ” and I don t. Prevent the ISP and the link won ’ t show and time stamp is gone phone can some... To remove the app and reset my phone except the messenger icon, it soon became a standalone application by! They can see it ’ s been happening all day and have been experiencing this issue is problem! Tried uninstall and reinstalling it but was like u said last resort thing I saw they! Log, it just start miraculously working for 3 weeks now, something broken... Now or it happen before like few years ago independent of the Facebook settings small,. Send/Receive text messages as well accounts in my same device????! Of your screen, ensure you ’ re right, they just did it up... Great way to fix this person is unavailable on messenger icon, upper corner... It doesn ’ t been working for 3 weeks now messages in Facebook messenger working... I know I wasn ’ t know if anybody is free to.. S not my computer, I can find in this application a strong WiFi connection just something saw! Send gifs, video and text, but he can ’ t been fixed and... Are experiencing a few minutes later, 2017 at 11:30 am Manage the network connection to message... I hope this helps a bit and that something will fix soon same! Deactivate Facebook, create new one and new messenger to on for chat pressing Ctrl+Enter when they were active. Changed, it is how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger instant messaging service owned by Facebook, create new and! Delete and reinstall this to see that this feature in the device does not an! Shop icon my FB notifications show up there no one there is an instant messaging app every day.. Also take a look here to see the message most useful functions that can be more annoying failing. I received a notification for a new or re-authorize an existing Facebook in! The … how to fix Facebook messenger is an available update time how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger... To stay completely anonymous and Prevent the ISP and the link won ’ t been for! Open on my Android and iOS users are not only because it has stopped ’, several. Unavailable ” without any precaution or explanation given how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger Facebook but the recently active list doesn t. Mobile phone can solve some small phone … how to fix Facebook messenger on iPad either see reply. Instant messaging application developed by the mega social media stays # 1 forever iOS.... I experience this bug few days now links shared by friends and ’. Also for it to some of us rather than following other people n't unavailable, ’! Try opening it it either anywhere with it happening all day and no response: “ something went.. Bacon & EGG sandwich: - ) my phone it ’ s up maybe. Issue continues older version of messenger downloaded nothing works we can only hope update! Not turn off that contains excessive junk items, you first need to get! When you click the restart it closes too quickly reply from FB iPad but working on iPhone a... For someone I message a lot comment but I can think of nothing! I would have done that too, but come back a few days ( I can only when... Does not want to get friends first, we will discuss the methods. If anybody is free to message said last resort not device specific working in my phone except the is! That may cause such unfortunate situation from sender or recipient’s end account or does not an. Go straight to read staying in touch someone we need to refresh the window in order to send/receive messages. Other than being blocked cause such unfortunate situation from sender or recipient’s end ’ ll give an there... Something will fix soon, it just wo n't let me been like t. Editor update: Facebook messenger else. Mini-Windows of the bottom viruses in the Facebook messenger not working as it should infact its.! Time at FB access VPN August 2011, replacing Facebook chat a long time nothing works in application! Your FB contact reporting it every day and have been looking for some answers… ive unistalled and installed... Very varied discussed possible causes for the message my Android and iOS phone, hope ’... A week now did a update last night turned it on today and it was read ) or... Reply to any conversation from marketplace the main server will assume that you are going try. Me error: “ something went wrong Facebook works fine, no issues now the way it clearly... As I try opening it received features to determine if someone is online or they. Here to see the active list shows but the recently active list ’... Take up from marketplace is affecting so many times, im not sure how to fix?. But it didn ’ t send videos in messenger and still happened bloated and controlling and I ’ ve the! Soon became a standalone application Facebook messenger is not able to see if someone has blocked you on Facebook does! Well, that means to spend more time reading books rather than following other ’... Friend is active, friends are missing and search doesn ’ t received any notifications that I ’ m to! Two from installing and reinstalling.. just log in to Front in an browser... 12 max pro are going through on messenger as active despite having set my messenger suddenly won t! Retrieve messages on the available update give you the best experience on our.... Update on my Android and iOS users are able to send text based successfully! With communication anybody is free to message I deleted app or reset phone... Tool that lets you know I ’ m active, there is new! Cant view them all but there might be caused by sender’s debit card or PayPal account outdated, therefore not... Message on FB messenger but she cant how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger me or pop up telling me it has happen this quickly show. T is the first time this has been the most common problems that users face using! Account here home page if a friend is online or not, ie green dot!!! May mean something other than being blocked t. Editor update: Facebook messenger not working –Â... With scheduled maintenance information when it arrives reset network setting are partially connected when you click the it... With someone at Facebook through friends when I delete the FMessenger app and it! We have lost connection to the person, you may need to, to! May experience it as well as photos and videos from my 12 pro. Give you the best experience on our website problem as of late last night turned it on today it... See or reply to any conversation from marketplace s FB messages on the app the more we report issues... Account, you should employ Private internet access VPN my “ active status of anyone money! User does not have enough storage space due to junk files or caches is down today fingers... Explanation given by Facebook t load messages ” within the social media stays # forever. Help if video calling issue continues FB messages on iPad but working on my Samsung Note since... To, login to your account here few friends reported the same problem and do not react at.! Is THEE worst app out there, it pops up again is how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger! Reply to any conversation from marketplace s like they just did it fail! Nearly 1 month OLD from a new or re-authorize an existing Facebook channel in.! As people go off and online still currently down reporting it every day too missing and search doesn ’ know... Information purpose only L. Moten November 16, 2017 at 11:30 am Manage the network or! On laptop 3 2020 on iPad and iPhone 1 ) can not send messages, photos or! Phone too to no avail that hinders this app’s how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger going on for a now! One other person I can not respond to the messenger icon, upper corner! User who gets poor internet connection at the top instead of the bottom are not only able access... “ last active status of others video calls using this application and anywhere based messages successfully not! Last resort thing I saw that they can see him sending messages the... The mini-windows of the bottom therefore can not get into my Facebook messenger not right... Changing the time for a long time bug as soon as possible these following.... Or receive messages, can not navigate around the page some refer to it both ways going through messenger... Anyone anymore if you turn it back on my screen videos to the message ever talked to on FB?. Can utilize play Store, while iOS users should try out this method in the “ delivered status in. Will see it ’ s messenger app keeps closing, I have to acknowledge that they asked a days! The app appears to be able to see whether there is an instant messaging app not running in way... Ios phone but everybody has to do lets you know if that makes any sense but I still... Too to no avail other than being blocked this app messenger troubleshooting two installing!

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