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The body fat percentage is not displayed and the data stored is not be shared with other users or attributed to a user account. Designed by Chrissy to make health and fitness easy and fun for women. How long is my scale covered by Yunmai’s warranty?Yunmai’s Limited Warranty covers your scale for one year after purchase. What we like most are the generous 5-year warranty and the 400 lbs weight limit. A more innovative unit, on the other hand, uses an advanced technology called bioelectrical impedance that sends an electric current through your body. Warranty service for eligible repairs and exchanges is available at no charge for 12 months from the date of your original retail purchase (“date of purchase”). By measuring these parameters and comparing them, it is able to determine the percentage of fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, and water. All in all, these modern gadgets can provide the most complex and accurate measurement for the most thorough monitoring. In terms of accuracy, it is one of the most reliable entries so far, and what we especially like is that it displays the weight in 0.1-pound increments for added precision in measurements. This kind of technology gives a ball mark percentage of body fat. Below are the top 3 ranked Yunmai scales. Traditional scales don’t present the complete picture and don’t help in course correction. Why do %fat, %muscle, and %water comprise 122% of my total body … These traditional scales have been replaced by the more accurate, dependable, smart scales such as the Yunmai Mini Smart Scale. Moreover, in terms of basic weighing, it shows you the result in 0.2-pound increments for utter precision, the maximum limit it can handle being 400 pounds. As you can see, the Yunmai scale is pretty good at measuring body fat percentage. 8 out of 10. Here are the 12 best body fat scales of 2020. This likely IS accurate, as I have an athlete/fitness body type. Furthermore, it delivers indications regarding overload so it will tell you to step down in case you exceed de weight limit and short battery indicators that announce you when to buy new batteries. In addition to weight, this home scale also measures body mass index (BMI) and body fat. What we like: We appreciate the breadth of metrics measured. $59.99. These innovative analyzers can determine not only your corporal weight but also the additional parameters that influence it. Popular among customers due to the cheap asking price, smart features, and accurate measurements, the EatSmart Precision GetFit is a product you should look into twice as it might just suit your expectations. (White) 4.2 out of 5 stars 153. Its ability to connect to the internet is important if you want to have access to apps and diet plans that will help you lose weight faster. 1,993 customer ratings. Compatible with iPhone 8 and up, and dealing with an impressive range of 10 different health measurements over the smartphone as soon as you lay foot on it, this is one of the most widespread entries to date. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale - Body Fat Scale with Fitness APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display - Works with iPhone. Unfortunately, it can’t be connected to your personal device and it can only memorize the data of 4 users. I'm pretty sure both are wrong; I don't feel like I'm 27 or 15 - probably somewhere between, but I don't know which one is more accurate. Moreover, you might be losing fat and gaining muscle, which will not show impressive differences on the scale and could mislead you into thinking that your weight loss program is not showing the desired results. Track your weight, body fat, BMI, Muscle, Bone, BMR, Water, Protein,and Body age with Yunmai 2. 5-Step Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose 10 Pounds (from a Girl Who Has Done It! Yunmai Scale vs. Hydrostatic Weighing: I took a professional body fat test underwater using hydrostatic weighing for a work-sponsored weight loss challenge. Body fat scales can be an easy way to track your body fat percentage, but they may not tell the complete story about your health. In addition, it includes an innovative feature we have not seen in any other model. Weight . White. 5. Ignoring body fat percentages and body fat, everyone likes to see the total number on the scale go down over time. Download the Yunmai app to sync your scale with Apple Health, your Fitbit, or Google Fit. $9.95. It’s easy to setup and quick to connect. 4.5 out of 5 stars 213 ratings. However, the Yunmai scale is not the best. Being able to check your water level or visceral fat will help you design a more efficient diet program. Ready to Buy the Yunmai Scale from Amazon? It has enough memory to keep track of the progress of 8 users and it is one of the best-looking models in our chart. The Yunmai S syncs your stats to the Yunmai app where you can see and graph 10 core measurements including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, protein, and water weight. Given it uses up-to-date ITO BIA technology ensures accurate data is provided with each use. Record your daily weight, so you can clearly see your own transformation … It doesn’t have a user limit so feel free to share it with anyone. As a trainer, you will surely have an advantage with it by your side as monitoring of your client’s development will be possible. The innovation continues with the rechargeable battery concept and the internet connectivity that provides access to a wide series of apps and programs. When it comes to optimal price-to-quality ratio, the Greater Goods Smart scale is the top option as it comes at a fair price while providing basically all the features you have come to expect from this product. Can sync with Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit; Cons: The app is simple to read and use. If it is crafted to weigh several users and it syncs the numbers to an app, all the readings will be accessible for later visualization. The Yunmai Premium smart scale is a well designed impressive scale. Tracking Weight over Time with the Yunmai Scale, Takeaway – The Yunmai Scale is DEFINITELY Accurate and Worth It. The reason why we recommend this model is because it is truthful and offers plenty of evidence with the 4 included sensors. The readings might differ for elderly people, children, highly-trained athletes, and people suffering from osteoporosis. Body Fat Scale Accurate Weight Scale Bathroom Household Electric Scale. Digital Scale 3000g x 0.1g Kitchen Food Gram Scale Electronic … This allows me to compare the “gold standard” for body weight results to the Yunmai scale. You get to know the composition of fat in your body from simply stepping on a scale. Nobody wants a scale that isn’t accurate. Get fit with Chrissy! The top weight accommodation of 330 pounds of the Tanita BC554 recommends it even for heavy individuals looking for a scale that will help them keep an eye on how their weight loss efforts are undergoing. It is perfect for families. Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Scale And Body Fat Monitor. Side note – more measurements: If you want to learn how accurate the Yunmai scale is for tracking water percentage, protein percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, and body age, subscribe to my newsletter. For added control over your personal progress, all the data can be stored on the app since it is compatible with multiple devices and memorizes the data of 8 users. Nevertheless, this model does not come with too many features and it does not have Internet connectivity. Review = 7 out of 10. Appreciated for both its performance and the affordable price, the Weight Watchers scale is a reliable companion for anyone who seeks to healthily lose excess weight. There are other methods of measuring your body composition like underwater weighing or DEXA scan, but none of these are available for home use, not to mention they cost very much. is a perfect choice you will never regret buying. Although a product like this can show how many pounds or kilos you weigh, a regular model can never display as many details regarding what you are made of. Bluetooth friendly. The Greater Goods Bluetooth Smart Connected is undoubtedly among the best products you can opt for. It can record and keep measurements for up to 16 different users, which is one of the highest of the bathroom scales on our … Shipping charges: CDN$ 12.88 . The device comes ready-to-use, with included batteries and all. I have an Omron body fat scale as well; I was surprised that there was a 12% difference between the 2 scales. Step onto greatness with the Yunmai collection of smart scales. No accidents have been reported by people with metallic body parts but it is best to be certain to avoid any sort of risk. The Weigh Watchers even delights through its design as it flaunts a sleek, streamlined look and measures only 12.5” by 11.8” by 1.06” to occupy as little space as possible in the room. Connecting YUNMAI App and their smart device (Smart Scale, Smart Rope), user's data could be storaged and analysised through YUNMAI Health Data Cloud. As you can see, the Yunmai scale is pretty good at measuring actual pounds of body fat, if you go the extra step of doing the math. Most scales cost $20-35 anyway, so why not pay an extra $30 for something that tracks body fat and more. It can support users who weigh up to 400 pounds and is able to store a total of 8 different profiles so that several people can keep track of their stats without meddling with each other’s recordings for more convenient use. In fact, you could lose fat and gain muscle over a period of several months, but body fat scales might say that your body fat percentage has gone up. You might be a slim person with an increased visceral fat level which can point towards high cholesterol or a poorly active lifestyle. Their top product is the Tanita BC 554 Ironman, a device that impresses with its multiple features and ease of use. If you have calloused feet with hardened and thickened skin, the readings might also be affected. You and other 7 users can enjoy its efficiency that instantly detects whoever steps on it by the user number each of you will choose. The normal ranges for fat mass are as follows: The BIA method is a lower-cost and moderately accurate way to estimate body fat percentage. The following three brands are the most reliable ones when it comes to accuracy, safety, comfort in use, and performance in weight control. The large screen and the touch-sensitive controls make it straightforward while the innovative tare feature makes it more versatile. Best Body Fat Scale Links To All Featured Products Below [Show More] 5. RENPHO Body Fat Scale: Overall Accuracy? $69.95. Fitness stats are all that matter when you try to become a bodybuilder, but keeping tabs on all the crucial details related to your evolution is basically impossible without the Etekcity ESF24. Next, it will calculate how fast the current travels through the body based on the fact that muscle contains more water and lets the current go through it without opposing resistance. That’s pretty good! Required fields are marked *. That app, however, is hungry for your private data. Seeing how it can accommodate users who weigh up to 400 pounds, chances are that everyone in your family can use it without repercussions. ; Page 2 7. The main reason why you resort to this innovative gadget is its ability to monitor more than just your weight. This allows me to provide a detailed review of the Yunmai scale’s accuracy versus a professional body fat test. Winsor Pilates is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is why it is important to choose a model that is strong and resistant. at This allows for classification as underweight, normal, overweight, or obese considering how much mass is divided by the square of the height. Moreover, you will enjoy maximum privacy as your personal profile will not be visible to the other users that share it with you. Aside from the regular readings that include water level, fat, BMI and muscle mass, this unit can also measure your heart rate and pulse speed in order to offer information of your heart’s health and prevent severe arterial problems. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds and the Yunmai scale shows your body fat percentage is 25%, you need to multiply 150 x 0.25 to get 37.5 pounds of fat. It doesn’t come without flaws, however. The additional features were bonus criteria that only proved the efficiency and convenience of these items. BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Rate, Protein, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Body Age and BMR. Another neat design element is the large and bright 2.9” by 1.3” LED display so you can use it at night without any trouble reading the data it shows. Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat BMI Digital Scale Bluetooth Weight App Health Care Now Available in Pakistan ... Yunmai Smart Body Fat Scale Mini 2. It can store up to 4 different profiles so that everyone in the house keeps track of their progression without interfering with someone else’s results. Greater Goods Bluetooth Smart Connected Feedback, RBU Smart Digital Bathroom Scale Feedback, 11 Best Rated Elliptical Trainers for Home Use, 11 Best Rated Speed Bag Platforms – In-Depth Reviews, 11 Best Rated Adjustable Weight Benches – In-Depth Reviews, 9 Best Rated Olympic Weight Sets – In-Depth Reviews, 8 Best Rated Leg Press Machines – In-Depth Reviews, 9 Best Rated Home Stair Climber Machine – In-Depth Reviews, Instant readings are shown on the large screen, Some users reported issues with its weighing accuracy at times, Some users complained that it doesn’t show accurate readings, It can track a total of 13 different metrics, After months of use, some have complained that the results tend to fluctuate, You must use the app for other readings except normal weighing, LED backlight display ensures ease of use, Impact-resistant glass withstands years of use, Large 1.5” display for easy result viewing, Some customers find the design to be a bit too simplistic, Some report a lack of responsiveness after months of use, Doesn’t register as many parameters as our top-ranked selections do, It’s compatible with smartphones and Bluetooth, Shows specialty readings and parameters only with the app. Most items only allowed users weighing around 400 pounds and all of them used the same Step-On technology and the same electrical current method of determining the parameters, meaning that these are the most reliable choices. This is because many women (and men!) Test Text1 italics Tes Now "Gma investigates" Friday morning the scales measuring weight and body fat that so many rely on but now the accuracy of those Numbers is being questioned. For this, the auto-recognition feature comes in handy so each user won’t have to manually insert their data for the scale to recognize them and load their previous measurements. The Yunmai app on your phone is free. We also analyzed how the design influenced the ease of use, considering the display and the controls. This is true regardless of the manufacturer or method of measurement. £32.99. Fat mass is the opposite of lean body mass, which is made up of muscles, internal organs and bones. Etekcity ESF24 What does the product include? We found while measuring the weights that the Yunmai was off by eight-hundredths of an ounce. As you probably expected, we also put the accent on the warranty that comes with every product on our list because this is very important in deciding how reliable the manufacturer is and how durable the product will be. Digital Scale - Wi-Fi Bluetooth Auto - Switch Smart Scale Digital Weight, Body Fat Scale for Weight, 14 Body Composition Monitor with iOS, Android APP, Support Multiple Users, Auto - Recognition 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,320. I took the test in February, April, and October. Bone weight measure accuracy: 0.1kg YUNMAI App Yunmai app is … The conventional scales generally can wear shoes standing on the scales measuring, Yunmai Mini can use BIA biological impedance measurements accurate measurement of body weight, BMI, fat, muscle, bone, water, metabolic rate, body age, visceral fat, protein and other body composition data recording and analysis. Most people these days own a smart phone. They're all high-tech takes on connecting you to your health. Setting it up when you first take it home will only take about 5 seconds as this is an incredibly easy procedure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of its main highlights stands in the detail that it can be pre-programmed to memorize up to 4 user profiles. I’ll be writing another article about that soon! So if your body fat is 24%, the Yunmai scale may say 22% or 26%. The most expensive models cost somewhere around $180 and you can also get great units for only $30. Continue reading to see how accurate the Yunmai scale is at measuring the three most important measurements: body fat, weight, and skeletal muscle. If you are too heavy, it will show strange readings so make sure you meet the capacity limits. This body fat scale from Yunmai measures body fat, body water, muscle AND bone mass -- quite an impressive list of metrics, even by the high-tech standards of the market. These innovative products use a type of technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or BIA that involves sending an electrical impulse into your body. Additionally, it features a clear 3.5” blue LCD display that you can easily read the measured stats off of. It delivers information on up to 11 metrics, and as there is a companion app available to install on your smartphone or tablet, you can even monitor your advancement in weight loss over time. At this time there are a practical technology not only weight weigh, but also the physical measurement of other data. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Yes, some people might still own an old Nokia phone, but most of the world is now running on Android or Apple product (Fun fact: Nokia actually own our top rated product below, the Withings Body Composition Scale, also known as the Withings WS-50 Scale). Measurement. It automatically recognizes each user by the data it previously stores and allows for scrolling of previous measurements. YUNMAI Smart Scale Body Fat Scale with New Free APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display 4.5 out of 5 stars 222. With over 2 million Yunmai scales sold, we’re proud to do our part in helping to build a healthier, happier world. Many people concern about their weight, body fat rate, muscle rate. Main Features: • Smart Bluetooth 4.0 fat scales BMI data acquisition for daily use. Another popular brand among high-tech devices is Withings, a worldwide manufacturer that covers the market with state-of-the-art products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This Yunmai Premium Smart Scale was perfectly consistent and has a great phone app, allowing you to easily connect with FitBit or Apple Health. iHealth LITE HS4S Wireless Scale 3.6 out of 5 stars 396. The large screen is backlit for convenient reading even when the ambient light is poor. What is best about it is that it will store your weigh-ins without needing a phone. The first and perhaps most obvious problem with body fat scales is that they miss out large segments of your body. Weight Range: 3kg~180kg, Unit: Kg/Lb, Accuracy 0.1kg. The model is great for heavier persons as it can hold an extreme limit of 440 pounds and it can be handled by up to 8 users. No unnecessary information, ads, or distractions. Moreover, these devices can calculate how many calories you burn during a workout so that you will be able to monitor your weight loss progress. Yunmai Premium // Black Members-only Pricing. The warranty covers the product for 3 years from the purchase date. The RENPHO Body Fat Scale is one of the most accurate models on the market, at a reasonable cost. We checked the size and weight to see how easily storable the item will be and we came to the conclusion that most of the models we chose have similar sizes. This one ranked first in our chart for good reason. Most Accurate Body Fat Scales. Yunmai Yunmai Premium Smart Scale - Body Fat Scale with new FREE APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display - Works with iPhone 8/iPhone X(10) Brand : Yunmai Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. The scale comes with so many great features to help you in your health maintenance. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. One problem with body-fat scales is that they are often inaccurate. The intensity of the current is rather small but it might interfere with the implants. Reasonably Priced. Both these measurements and the clear monitoring of your body configuration, offer a clear picture of your weight-loss progress by showing you where the lost weight comes from. We cannot end the review without mentioning the warranty, especially considering that this product is backed for 10 years as of acquiring it, which exceeds the industry standard. Most models work using Step-On technology which means that as soon as you place your feet on the platform, the sensors immediately measure you, and the current reaches throughout your body to detect your configuration. But, if I give the Yunmai scale a margin of error and assume it is two percentage points off, then this means my body fat could actually be closer to 21.4% (23.4% subtract two percentage points). When it comes to backing, a 1-year warranty accompanies the product against defects so that you don’t spend money out of your pocket in case anything happens. Yes. The Yunmai Scale may be 1-2 percentage points off for body fat, but that’s still a pretty good for a $50 scale. The warranty is the typical 2-year we have seen in other models as well. Is it as accurate as an expensive $100+ body fat test administered by a health professional? If you intend to acquire the scale for a gym or a similar type of venue where it will be intensely used, then you clearly need the Greater Goods Balance. If you have a pacemaker its not recommended that you use this scale! Pick which Yunmai body fat scales is best. The Chinese made Yunmai Mini Smart Scale has come as a boon to health-conscious individuals. The LED backlight of the screen makes it easy to decipher the results even in poor light. Other aspects like the battery, the metrics, or the ability to connect to the internet revealed that they showed the results in both pounds and kilograms, that most of them operated on regular batteries and there was only one that can connect to the internet and bring the innovation of the recharging battery, which was the Withings Body Cardio.

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