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Mathematics at MIT is administratively divided into two categories: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Fluid Mechanics. Faculty involved in this research area include: Professors Dafermos, Dong, Guo, Mallet-Paret, Menon, Sandstede, Strauss. Research & Interest Areas. The Division of Applied Mathematics is an established leader in research on mathematical modeling for physical and physiological, multi-scale fluid mechanics. Research includes collaboration with students as well as partners from both academia and industry. The department’s growing financial math group is active in the areas of derivative pricing & hedging, algorithmic trading, portfolio optimization, insurance, risk measures, credit risk, and systemic risk. This question is self-defeating, because areas of math get their own names when they hit a certain threshold of activity, and split into multiple areas when they get too big. Search: {{$root.lsaSearchQuery.q}}, Page {{$}} {{item.title}} {{item.snippet}} The faculty and students of the Department of Mathematical Sciences conduct research in a wide variety of areas of applied mathematics and mathematics. These projects are carried out in multiple ways and the involvement of students at the both the graduate and undergraduate levels is a … Mathematics encompasses a growing variety and depth of subjects over history, and comprehension requires a system to categorize and organize the many subjects into more general areas of mathematics.A number of different classification schemes have arisen, and though they share some similarities, there are differences due in part to the different purposes they serve. Research. Our professors and students explore a broad range of areas and ideas in mathematics and statistics from foundational theory to applied research. CTE course transformation grant helps Emily Witt, assistant professor of math, develop active learning with student groups in calculus. These changes have been triggered by the development of more powerful computers allowing researchers to address previously intractable problems, and developments in other fields which have led Research Areas Algebra The algebra group has interests in commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, Lie algebras and representation theory, and … They comprise the following research areas: Pure Mathematics. We have active researchers in the following areas: algebra, analysis; computational mathematics; differential equations; dynamical systems; mathematical biology; mathematical modeling; numerical analysis; statistics; statistics education; and, topology. mathematics has expanded in various directions;exploded like a bomb. It is difficult to say this or that is the most active research area. Research in Applied Mathematics has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, with revolutionary developments in traditional areas, together with the emergence of exciting new areas.

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