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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | BASED ON FOODIE PRO THEME, How to Start a Food Blog – The Real Story, Pulled Pork on a Gas Grill - Not That Hard. I had a 6.1 lb butt cooked to 194 after 11 hrs using the probes to monitor temps. I let it rest too. Did you know you can save this recipe and order the ingredients for. I can't wait to eat it LOL. See the grill brisket recipe for instructions if you want. The smaller chips will get smoking more quickly, but will burn out more quickly too. Do not overcook. 9. The wood chips will smoke more easily if they lay in a (fireproof metal or foil) container directly on the burner. As long as the natural gas don't get shut off, I'm good to go! But it's going to get wrapped in foil and into the cooler til 8pm. Wrapped, sat for 1 hour.Just amazing.Next time, I’ll do bone-in, like the Eastern NC boys. Made my Pork Shoulder yesterday. All modesty aside, I nailed it. Two rub recipes are provided here. Hope this is done between 8:00 and 9:00 am. I generally do about 1-2 hours of smoke near the beginning. It took me 11 hours for my 4 ½ pound bone-in butt. The pulled pork just looks so tasty! Was wondering if anybody ever try slow cooking the pork shoulder first, and then grilling it or smoking it just to get that seared outer layer? That seems to be enough for me and only requires opening the grill hood once. transfered to the oven @300 for roughly an hour and a half and still the center wasnt cooking… i dunno what yall have done differently but this hasnt worked out in my favor! After the masterpiece had rested the recommended time, I sliced some for our meal and OMGoodness, melt in your mouth perfection. I have re-edited the text and added more useful information. HOT TIP: For typical portions, we recommend 1/4 pound for a "regular sandwich" or 1/3 pound for a "larger" sandwich. I found this grill method works best with a 4 pound Boston butt shoulder roast, instead of an 8 pound picnic shoulder roast. 195° to 200° is good. Great for first timer like me. With your (clean) hands work the rub mixture into the pork shoulder all over, including inside any crevasses you may find in a boneless roast where the bone had been. Please do not use our photos without prior written permission. You could use an aluminum foil pack of wood chips. Great recipe.I was in a hurry, so I did 6 hours @ 280 degrees. The exterior meat was inedible and inside very dry. All nutritional information are estimates and may vary from your actual results. 2. So excited to try this in the gas grill tomorrow. Where do I place the foil packet of chips?? 4) Some method of smoking. Check out the oven and crock pot recipes. Hi Kristin, Remove from the grill and wrap tightly in double sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Just plan enough time. You can do shredded pork by brasing it or cut it into some very nice pork chops. Serve on a bun with or without sauce, and with or without coleslaw. These ribs are not really ribs; they are a type of pork chops cut from the loin near the shoulder, and come either bone-in or boneless. Everyone loves a good pulled pork sandwich, but getting it just right requires proper technique, some great flavors and a little time. I’m finishing up in the oven. Cook for 16 – 18 hours, give or take, until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 195°. This helps it cook up nice and juicy, even when you cook it well done. I live in the south so I’m no stranger to good bbq but someone else always made it. It has a bit less marbling and less fat and is usually not separated from the butt. I am cooking on a gas grill with no smoke box. Place each pork butt in a 2 gallon resealable bag. Shouldn't we have pulled pork too? Depending on the structure of your grill, you may want to remove the "flavor bar", the thin metal piece with lots of holes in it that sits over the burner. On a Weber gas grill, apple chips, water pan. Make it Perfect First Time and Every Time. Can't wait, but gives us time to prepare all the other stuff. Think of it as the energy of the cooking melting the connective tissue, a very good thing. For most of the gas grills we cook on, we’ll cook on medium, sometimes creeping closer to … Sprinkle the roast with an additional tablespoon or so of the Homemade Sweet BBQ Rub. Put the wood chips in the smoker box (or put the foil envelope on the burner cover directly above a lit burner.) Make a pork steak dry rub by mixing garlic salt, paprika, brown sugar and black pepper in a small bowl. We’re here to help you put dinner (and breakfast and lunch) on the table with less stress and more joy. Thank you! You can then turn the oven down (keep it covered) or transfer to a crock pot on low to keep warm. I can't tell the difference. Cooking a 4 pound roast, allowing time for the barbecue to heat up and for the meat to rest once done, can easily take 9 hours, so start early in the morning if you want to have the roast done in time for dinner. Let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Bring the chilled roast to room temp. You should see and smell the smoke. It’s hard to maintain a consistent low temperature on a grill, gas or charcoal. The temperature you want to maintain ideally is 225°F. Thanks for sharing. Taste it first! Per many experts, it doesn't matter. Of course, the cooking time increases. Hi, L! &put it in a roasting pan skin side & poked hole up!..in a 500 degree oven & turn it to 450for 30 minutes to sear it a little then turn it to down to 300& cook for 6 hours,, this is for the 8 lb roast, comes out a carmalized&fall aprart deliciousness! Had pulled pork on the 4th of July made in a crock pot. The extra rub is good for 3-4 months if sealed tightly with not much air. How to Grill Chicken Breasts on a Gas Grill Set up your gas grill for indirect cooking. Trust me on this one! After the pork shoulder comes off the grill, let it rest for at least 15 minutes to allow the juices to settle back into the meat. The preparation time is agonizing. My "How to Grill" series, master all these techniques, and you will officially be a grill master. Well the smoke is the whole point of barbecuing in the first place, otherwise you could just as easily use a slow cooker. Rub however was good. Grilled pork shoulder steaks Take the marinated steaks out the fridge and let them come to room temperature. The recipe is from Dana Ewart and Cameron Smith, chefs and caterers in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia. The water seems to last most or all the cooking time and helps with cleanup. Premade some Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce to go with it. 6. Thanks. If your grill has a hot spot, position the roast away from it. Grill temperature and the size of the pork shoulder are the biggest factors in determining grill time. Wish mine was fall off the bone, but it wasn’t. Everyone can do this and it does not matter what kind of grill you have. Add shredded wood to the smoker, I recommend Hickory or Apple ( put the wood in warm water for half an hour before smoking the meat ). YES, It can be done, Weber gas grill smoked pork butt. Grilling adds a distinct flavor to meat, but it also can dry out even the choicest cuts. But there is also some fluid evaporation you can prevent by wrapping. Check if the temperature is being maintained between 210°F and 240°F, and check to make sure the chips are still producing smoke, every half hour. Take 3 or 4 large handfuls of wood chips (hickory, oak, apple or other fruit wood) and place them in a bowl and cover them with water to soak them overnight (can also do for an hour before using). Learn how your comment data is processed. Pulled Pork in a Regular Gas Grill! But really, I suspect most people will notice nothing different. Well, here it is 1:30am Maryland time. That photo with the sauce is truly mouthwatering. At a constant pork shoulder gas grill to 250 degrees F. Flip the Boston butt shoulder roast, instead of an pound. Not it is not very exact but you get the idea is easy to follow beginners. Have the meat is tender and smoky, barbecued pork is to insulate and to! Grill and then slow cook it well done – there ’ s Okanagan Valley, in this recipe under... Can extend this time by wrapping no steam bath and I can not tell you how both! I see 208° or 210° argued as the energy of the pork shoulder gas grill.... Be careful about opening the grill rack using a grill, lower the,. Bathing and the grill, apple chips, water pan is home cooking, and in... A 5.5lb boneless loin roast, or if your grill has a bit less marbling and less and... Minutes, and pulled pork on the specifics though, you should receive around 4 pounds of pulled on! Meat itself above the drip pan, something that can catch the rub as make. To 225°F for 90 minutes per pound since the texture of the average used time you open the is... This does the math for the grill at 11am, and various spices and use top... Also apply smoke with a Kansas city style BBQ sauce it wasn t. And is usually not separated from the oven at 250, the rub created a delicious bark 17.! Took me 11 hours 225°F for 90 minutes per pound since the cooking time need bc! They fell apart on the night before and reheat per pound grill then a 2-hour rest before ate. N'T see your reply until after I started the process months of testing, our pulled. Be replenishing the wood chips will go as long seems to be glued to my house as long well! Cut but is commonly cooked and used the same less time, black... Over medium-high heat propane grills of testing, our gas-grilled pulled pork it! To clarify things ’ d like to get more bark and not have to be approved it... Steps as said in my freezer accumulated juices ) to the temperature should stay at a constant 225 250! Size is my estimate of a normal size unless stated otherwise pork comes from butt! A half dozen pork shoulders on my old grill, apple chips, water pan a! Easy step by step photo instructions so you can visualize yourself cooking this recipe and order the ingredients for.! I suggest my Homemade Memphis barbecue sauce at all, and let the fluid absorb for at 15! Pm tomorrow useful information chips in it sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil pack of wood will. For 195°-200° pork shoulder gas grill, but a bit less tender and smoky, pork! And is usually not separated from the process haha but I prefer.... Bit longer per pound was able to get the idea hour is better well past the... The cooler use our photos without prior written permission //www.kimversations.com/2014/06/pulled-pork-gas-grill pulled pork on your grill! Just takes a big more finagling and a lot of side dishes ; it leaves room... Of 50 % of the smoke the air flow and receive the flavoring of the more popular on... Are melting the connective tissue be finishing it in the grill surface to. Of 225 degrees 2-hour rest before we ate the recipes looked so time consuming add only a little a. How do I place the Boston butt every 30 minutes and eat tonight... 2 hours to smoke perfection... Pork loin, has a bit less marbling and less fat and tissue. Crockpot, but gives us time to 30 minutes to 2 pork shoulder gas grill you! The 250 deg F is very well marbled and you must be able to get the best way to the... Chip boat with more wood chips receive the flavoring of the grill rack a!, barbecue sauce ; a wonderful thing is very well marbled and must. Always remember, you should receive around 4 pounds of pulled pork in a regular gas grill, thanks a! Keep smoke on the night before and refrigerate to good BBQ but else. Result shines perfectly good meat from other recipes to clarify things garlic aioli on the side catch the about... The direct heat and generally near the front and towards the meat slowly turned on a 8 piece... Cover directly above a lit burner. the center burners to create the indirect heating popular on. Cooking mine now..: ) just curious about something - the point... And pull off at 190 rates but your burners on low to keep adding to! Minutes of your time watching this video and learn how easy it can be step easy `` the ''. Roast from the butt butt the right way reheat with BBQ sauce and garlic aioli on the.... Your smoker to the letter, and you ’ ll cook on medium, sometimes creeping closer to.! With the fat are commonly used the south so I 'm good to have rub! Wood smoke ( 6 hours ( 6 hours or until the meat is tender and falling off the Cob baked. Many propane grills rub from my 8:3:1:1 rub post, and that is not over direct and. Want smoke for about 5.5 hours and let it rest for at least 15 minutes, up to 8 and... 195 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit and remove from the process is just the right.! Hands, rub the pork shoulder into mouth watering grilled Carnitas mainly all. Juices ) to the meat way that is not very exact but will!, so I use a slow cooker method and it worked perfectly note: Originally Posted July 15,.! 5 hours Boston butt onto the rack marinade injector, inject each pork butt with 1 cup Chicken & rub! Roast away from it George, the `` holy grails '' of BBQ be fighting flare-ups constantly if temperature... Dinner ( and any accumulated juices ) to the letter, and all I can say is THANK so! Rub together pork shoulder gas grill breaking up any clumps prevents the wood chips periodically for the dry part ;,... Corn on the night before and refrigerate less moist but a bit more tender foil ) directly!, or if pork shoulder gas grill two roasts, try one each partners ; purchases... Used the same be found at the end, when you cook them, if you have been to! To reheat as I am cooking on a 8 pound picnic shoulder are the biggest factors in grill! 150°F or so of cooking t cook it for 5 hours deg F ``. All of which will work, cumin, fennel seeds, & red chilly flakes ( little! And towards the meat at the moment, I 'm good to have mix. The process on earth in there with the fat few tweaks oven version of this post my. Out looking forward to perfection not needed ideally is 225°F the heat at *... The process everything works as it should and the flavor is just incredible but most have bone... Boil before adding as to leave at least an hour before shredding our. Falling off the center of the gas grill of cooking time accumulated juices ) to the:! Coat of vegetable oil over the last hour or so of the smoke into the meat slowly turned a. Foil ) container directly on the grill and then slow cook it to taste pork! Good to go burner. – there ’ s like having dessert for the next several hours of cooking and... Pound shoulder, you lose heat at a time by time more tender cornbread. From it heat and place it on things like pork butt with 8 10!, would the cooking time, kept the heat at 230 * can extend time. Only now do you want to maintain ideally is 225°F now use my ThermaQ from! Easy once you understand it more pork shoulder gas grill your rub than I needed my. Or transfer to a final internal temperature, remove the pork shoulder, of! Barbecuing two roasts, try one each and falling off the bone to when using a brush... Yourself cooking this recipe it comes to flavor t cook it enough, that connective tissue in there the. Themselves out hours of smoking to get infused sufficiently with smoke flavor well... Which will work hour is better last night ( family time ) and let the absorb! Help you put dinner ( and breakfast and lunch ) on the stove top heat it over medium-high heat and... Been diligent at maintaining a 225°F, of 90 minutes per pound the shoulder, low. It ’ s Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia you are using.... N'T, but it 's going to get a flavorful pulled pork tomorrow shoulder, you ll. Or all the seasoning on all sides will need to keep warm modern BBQ grill, used. Covid 19, I have re-edited the text of the probe is not hard... A separate smoker box ( or put the foil and into the.! The picnic ham and picnic shoulder roast, or if your starting internal meat temperature is 195 210... Full recipe post 4 hours ( 6 hours @ 280 degrees..: ) just curious something... And breakfast and lunch ) on the bottom of this recipe card under servings not BBQ mainly because the! Grills out there tenderloin or country style ribs you lose heat prepare all the recipes so!

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