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When choosing tank mates for the Peacock Cichlids, it is important to keep the water conditions in mind and select a species that can withstand them. Most species are also fairly hardy and are perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists. Scientific Name: AulonocaraFamily: CichlidaeCare Level: EasyTemperament: Semi-aggressiveColor Form: Various; typically blueLifespan: 8 YearsSize: 4-6″Diet: OmnivoreMinimum Tank Size: 55 GallonsTank Set-Up: Freshwater: Driftwood and CavesCompatibility: Mixed. Mbuna cichlids generally begin breeding by the time they have grown to a length of 3 inches – this usually occurs when they are about 1 year old. We use a licensed courier for our orders You malawi cichlids peacocks for sale arojnd 2.5 inch to 3 inch in size. Males of the species are usually larger than females and more brightly colored – the dominant male of any territory will be the most brightly colored. Their size in the aquarium ranges from 12 to 15 cm and females are gray. African Cichlids belong to the Cichlidae family. The body of the fish is bright blue, behind the gill covers there is a wide oblique stripe of red color, for which the fish got its second name – “red-shouldered peacock”. The color is dark, gray-blue. Its elongated fins allow it to move swiftly even in hard water with relative ease and speed. The preferred temperature range varies depending on the type between 22 and 30 ° C. Many cichlid behave aggressively towards alien fish, so the welfare is recommended in a species tank. They tend to hover low over the sand and use their keen senses to detect movement and attack prey. "Chilumba" Mphanga Rocks (male), Tropheops sp. All Other Fishes of Lake Malawi. The water has a hardness level of GH 7 and KH 10-12. It is being... Yellow Regal Peacock (Aulonocara baenschi), Flavescent Peacock (Aulonocara stuartgranti), Sulphurhead Peacock (aulonocara maylandi). And I will gladly accept constructive criticism, spelling corrections, mis-identifications etc. Depending on its color (white or yellow), two subspecies of the aulonocara of Mayland are distinguished. Large color differences can be seen in different varieties of the fish, depending on the living conditions, nature of the habitat, and interactions with other marine life. Nimbochromis polystigma is a piscivore found throughout Lake Malawi. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. Lake Malawi is one of the three rift lakes of Eastern Africa, along with Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria, and stretches 360 miles from north to south. Synodontis Catfish – Care, Types, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details! On the basis of various forms of aulonocara, breeders have deduced countless artificial morphs: Multicolor, Red ruby, Orchid, etc. Peacock Cichlids exhibit docile behavior most of the time. Peacock Cichlids have an affinity for lukewarm water temperature similar to those they are used to inhabiting in the lower regions of Lake Malawi. African Cichlids. Come check us out! I’ve been keeping Malawi Cichlids for over 15 years, I find these Mbuna fish the most fascinating and beautiful freshwater fish I ever kept in my life. It is possible to keep several males only in large aquariums with a large number of shelters. Non-Endemic Haplochromines ; Tilapias (Chambo etc.) The best soil to use is sand. There’s also the option of buying Malawi cichlid salt to add to the tank, so as to achieve the proper levels as well. Peacock Cichlids are accustomed to swimming in water with a hardness of 10 to 20 dH. The water’s physical and chemical quantities must match that of Lake Malawi to avoid any stress during the breeding period. They assimilate well with other marine species and exhibit a docile behavior for most of their lifespan. Only the males of the Peacock Cichlid exhibit any color, females and young fingerlings are found to only be found in dull grey color. Marine life forms that invade their habitat are considered a threat by the fish and will be subject to physical attack. We’re happy to have you as part of our community. You will need more than 125 gallons to keep more than one male Auratus cichlid. These species can be identified based on their elaborate pattern and color schemes. The length of their body is 10-15 cm. As we discussed above, One should keep fishes from Lake Malawi with peacock and ideal tankmates for peacock cichlids are Loaches, Rainbow Shark, Rainbow Fish, Pleco Fish, etc.. Lake Malawi has a high ph level, alkaline water, and aquarium cichlids thrive in the same conditions as well. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. Ideal conditions For Malawi Cichlids. Haplochromis or "Haps" as they are commonly referred to, is the largest genera of Cichlids, with many species residing in Lake Malawi. Tropical Fish Profiles of cichlids from Lake Malawi in Africa. Mbuna cichlids are definitely group fish, and they get bigger in captivity than they do in the wild. Mbunas, are the perfect fish for beginners. A lukewarm water temperature of around 75 to 81°F (24 to 27°C) is optimal for most Peacock Cichlid species. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to Lake Malawi cichlids themed aquarium setup, size does matter. Peacock Cichlids are a part of the benthic species that reside in lower regions of the ocean. All Non-Cichlid Fishes 16 July 2011. However, males can be at enmity with each other. OB is a term used for Malawi Cichlids with unique spotted patterns. This is a medium-sized cichlid whos maximum length in the aquarium is 13-15 cm. African cichlids belong to the Cichlidae family, which includes all other cichlids.Cichlids are one of the most diverse groups of fish and many species can be found in Africa. The best soil to use is sand. The female will incubate the eggs for 28 days while staying inside the cave. Much in the same way as dog breeds were created. On average, Peacock Cichlids can be found at a depth of 6 to 40 meters. The male digs a nest in the substrate where the female lays her eggs – the male fertilizes them as she gathers them in her mouth where the… These fish prefer a slightly alkaline pH that ranges anywhere from 7.5 to 9.0. They can be a bit more aggressive than your average tropical fishes, though, so not all types of African cichlids will get along well with other tank mates. All of the pictures on this site are of my fish taken by me with my camera, (Sony Mavica HD-95, 2.1 megapixel or my Sony F717, 5 megapixel, or Canon Rebel XTi 400d 10.1 megapixel or Canon 7D 18 megapixel). They live in nature at a depth of 15-20 m, prefer a sandy bottom with piles of stones. Amano Shrimp – Care, Size, Tank Mates & Details You Need! Siamese Algae Eater – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details You Need! SB : Mbunas can easily be combined with each other in a 40" (100 cm) or 45-55 gallon (170-209 L) tank. Essay conclusion help help... 5 Benefits of Fish Keeping At Home & Its Brings Wealth Too! Adequate space is essential when keeping this species in a tank, largely due to its territorial nature. Females also have a “spotted” color, but the color of their spots is not so bright. With other types of lake Malawi (excluding the Mbuna group) they get along well. Therefore a water temperature of 25-26 ° C and a PH of 7.8-8.6 is ideal. Life expectancy up to 15 years. The OB gene occurs naturally in Mbunas, but was introduced to Peacocks and Haps by selective breeding. They can live in harmony with other fish or other members of their species. A site dedicated to Lake Malawi cichlids. After the incubation period, the eggs will hatch with about 12-50 fingerlings. Likewise, they have a predatory carnivorous tendency for smaller sea life such as crustaceans, larvae, zooplankton, and insects among other things. Generally speaking, certain varieties of fish such as Pseudotropheus, Labeotropheus, Petrotilapia, Mbuna, angelfish should not be placed with Peacock Cichlids. For this reason you should ensure that your aquarium’s water temperature remains as consistent as possible. Comments: This book is an encyclopedia of knowledge. "Lion" Mara Rocks (female), Metriaclima sp. The fish has a bright yellow color with bluish stripes on the tail and body. The adaptive nature of the fish’s feeding habits means it can survive on various sources of nutrition. Hola! They can feast on herbivorous options such as seaweed and red algae as well. Lake Malawi’s water is alkaline in nature; it features a pH level ranging from 7.7 to 8.6. The most popular for home aquariums originate from Lake Malawi. Their colours, behaviour, breeding activity and characters never cease to amaze me. The Peacock Cichlid is native to Lake Malawi of the East African Rift system. The pectoral, dorsal, and caudal fins are all elongated with the pectoral fin being largely transparent while the dorsal and caudal fins may show color variances as well. However, the Peacock Cichlid has been observed to be largely territorial and will exhibit aggression if provoked. However, some exceptions do exist for them in the form of mammalian meat and tubifex worms. Interestingly as Lake Malawi is a huge body of water it isn’t subject to rapid changes in water chemistry of sudden drops in temperature. "kingsizei Lupingu" (male), Metriaclima sp. Sep 17, 2019 - Explore Ted O Joubert's board "Malawi cichlids" on Pinterest. Dec 19, 2016 - Lake Malawi Peacock Cichlids include some of the most popular species of African cichlids found in the hobby today. However, this kind of behavior is largely defensive and doesn’t lead it to attack unless it feels threatened. Therefore, their diet should reflect this in being vegetable-based. 7 October 2013 8 December 2013; Jigsaw Puzzles of African fishes and scenery What sets Peacocks and Haps apart is size, with some species of Haps growing well over 9 inches! Lake Malawi is the home of more species of fish than any other lake in the world, including over 1000 species of cichlids. and tips for keeping African cichlids. The scenery can be made of stones and sandstone. There should be 3-6 females per male. There may be yellow, red, orange, black, blue spots located randomly. Females are not bright, have a beige or orange color. All Malawi Cichlids require similar water conditions in their natural environment. In nature, These fishes prefer sandbanks at depths of up to 5 m. It feeds on small invertebrates living at the bottom. The Peacock Cichlids elongated fins are an adaptation that allows it to swim better in Lake Malawi’s special conditions. These rocky environments contain a considerable abundance of sand and rocks that the fish has been known to inhabit. Peacock Cichlids can consume just about any food source they’re provided with, including manufactured food. Males are characterized by a bright red color with noticeable light stripes and a blue head. The East African Malawi is home to several hundred species of this popular aquarium fish. This is also why it’s important to have enough sand, rocks, and substrate to match its natural habitat. This type of aulonocara grows up to 8-10 cm. They’re also highly territorial. Yellow Regal Peacock was named after the founder Dr. Ulrich Bensch. When alone, N. polystigma can attract prey by play dead using its color pattern to resemble a decaying fish. The best-known rift lake in fishkeeping is Lake Malawi. These fish have a highly developed predatory sense that facilitates their hunting of lower marine life. You can even put it onto your web site if you want to, just please don't pass it off as your own work. These fish will exhibit territorial behavior toward certain areas of the tank. Gourami Fish – Care, Tank Mates, Types, Habitat & Details! Each of the fish has a unique pattern. Mayan Cichlid – Care, Size, Habitat, Tank Mates & Details! The mother will typically leave the fingerlings to fend for themselves shortly after birth. Make sure the water temperature is 80 °F (26.7 °C) (27 Celcius). Males display prominent colors in comparison to females with the dominant male showing the most intense color to attract a mate. Its preferred habitat are areas with a mix of rocks and sand that support vegetation. It is the 9th largest lake in the world and is located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The coloring on the Peacock Cichlid’s skin is iridescent as opposed to being a fixed color shade. "Chilumba" Mphanga Rocks (female), HOME                          Map of Lake Malawi. Your email address will not be published. Practically every described species of Lake Malawi cichlids has a picture in this book. Many common and rare aquarium species of African cichli… These are typically peaceful species of Lake Malawi. The Invertebrates of L. Malawi 8 May 2014; Lake Malawi Viewed from Space! Life expectancy up to 15 years. ",  at = "@"). They’re largely classified as bottom dwellers and tend to pick off food from the seafloor. The Peacock Cichlids is an ideal aquarium fish owing to its easy assimilation, its peaceful behavior, and its beautiful color and patterns. You can even put it onto your web site if you want to, just please don't pass it off as your own work. Victorian Cichlids          Lake Victoria Map          Lake Malawi Map          Riverine Cichlids          current stock list       Spawning      Home, Click on the image to go to a new page with full size pictures of my cichlids, Feel free to copy any picture you want from my web site. Malawi Cichlids are highly sought after in the aquarium hobby due to their vibrant colors and interesting behavior. Minimum Tank Size: 90 cm (36 in) Environment: Clean, well-filtered water. Malawi cichlids like alkaline water that is a pH of 8.0 or above. This makes them highly preferred among both new and experienced aquarium hobbyists looking to add some color to their tanks. The fish were obtained by crossing several species of Aulonocaras. Required fields are marked *. Firemouth Cichlid – Care, Size, Breeding, Tank Mates & Details You Need. Their Body length is 12-15 cm. Depending on the species, possible color schemes can include blue, yellow, gold, and orange. Color photographs of males and females of practically every described species of Lake Malawi cichlids. A wide strip stretches from the head to the tail along the upper body. Welcome to CichlidTips. There is much debate in the Ci Typically, the Peacock Cichlid Fish varies in size from around 4 inches to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm). These are known to cause the Malawi Bloat which results in abdominal swelling and bloody ulcers with a substantial risk of death. However, pairing active fish with a tendency of aggressive behavior can cause conflict between the two species. Bigger is better, but the less is more. To keep Peacock Cichlids in a tank, a tank capacity of at least 55 gallons (208.2 liters) is needed. Mbuna, ‘rock-dwellers’ mostly feed on the algae on the rocks they live around. Males are distinguished by a wide variety of colors, more than 100 varieties are known. Haps and Peacocks are usually bigger, living in open water, … Peacock Cichlids are omnivorous by nature and have a vast array of dietary sources. Peacock Cichlids are typically found to have elongated bodies with a lateral line system. Size : 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) Water Parameters : pH 7.4 - 8.4 | dH range: 7 - 30 | Temperature : 73°F - 80°F (23°C - 27°C) Lifespan : 5 years, likely longer Origin / Habitat : Africa: Lake Malawi, found at Pombo and Ndumbi reefs in Tanzania in 3 to 4 meters of water. Peacock Cichlids exhibit docile behavior most of the time. Peacock Cichlids have an affinity for lukewarm water temperature similar to those they are used to inhabiting in the lower regions of Lake Malawi. The specific nature of the Peacock Cichlid’s preference for this particular habitat makes it rarer to be found in other neighboring water bodies. The temperature of the water in the aquarium should stay between 75 to 81°F (24 to 27°C) for optimal growth and breeding conditions. As you can see, my interest in Lake Malawi cichlids is mostly limited to the mbuna, the small, agressive, colorful, rock-dwelling cichlids of Lake Malawi. The scenery can be made of stones and sandstone. "williamsi north" Makonde  (female), Tropheops sp. These fish live in highly mineralized waters with a hardness of around 10 to 20 dH. Peacock Cichlids tend to dwell in areas of the lake characterized by natural rubble. The male promptly fertilizes them while the female collects them in her mouth. It originated when a male Aulonocara was crossed with a female Mbuna. The female then lays eggs where they will nest. Boesemani Rainbowfish – Care, Size, Diet, Tank Mates & Details! Most species have been observed to have a high back. What Size Tank Do Peacock Cichlids Need? The maximum size of males is 12 cm, females – 9 cm. African cichlids are considered to be one of the most diverse, intelligent, active and colorful families of freshwater fish in the modern aquarium hobby. Other Resources at This Site. In this biotype N. polystigma hunts in groups or individually. Firemouth cichlid (Thorichthys meeki) is very popular among aquatic lovers and keepers because of its natural care. As the name implies, these forms of Aulonocaras are distinguished by an unusually variegated color. This is one of the least aggressive African cichlids, even during spawning able to get along with neighbors in the aquarium. All orders are processed and posted between monday-friday Details: fish, nyererei, lake, victoria, cichlid, malawi, licensed, courier, charged, snail "kingsizei Lupingu" (female), Metriaclima pyrsonotos (male) aka Ps zebra "red dorsal", Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos male (aka Maingano), Pseudotropheus sp. When placing them in the aquarium, the hardness levels of the water should not drop below 4 to 6 dH. Both males and females display the brown blotched pattern. The color is blue, behind the gills there is a yellow stripe surrounding the body. Malawi Videos; Malawi in Maps NEW FEATURE! With a claim to fame as the ninth largest lake in the world, Lake Malawi is also the third largest and second deepest lake in South Africa, situated at far south of the East African Rift system. To keep a pair of aulonocaras, you need an aquarium of 150 liters. Females are modestly painted – gray-brown with dark transverse stripes on the sides. Texas Cichlid (Rio Grande Cichlid) – Care, Size, Breeding, Tank Mates & Details! and Peacock cichlids from Malawi. "Lion"  Lions Cove  (male), Cynotilapia sp. All are from the genus Aulonocara, and popular with aquarists because of the bright colors that males display, which is also their characteristic that helped them get the name of Peacock Cichlid. Sm 1.5" unsexed $7.50ea In Lake Malawi, there are three main types of cichlid. This appearance is essential to their mating ritual which involves the male performing for a female at a cave entrance. Our aim is to help educate anyone who wants to keep fish. Peacocks are mild mannered docile Malawi fish Max size 6" Suitable tankmates include other peacocks & some mild mannered Haps Only males achieve brilliant colors females remain same color as juveniles. Fahaka Pufferfish (Nile Puffer) – Care, Size, Feed & Details! There are some rules to follow in order to keep your Lake Malawi fish tank setup. The males acquire maximum brightness by 2 years. All the Malawi Cichlids available are farm bred. For Peacock Cichlids to thrive, they require the natural conditions of the Lake Malawi to exhibit proper growth and maturation. African Cichlids from Lake Malawi (Rock dwelling cichlids ==> mbuna) Click on the image to go to a new page with full size pictures of my cichlids. The recommended volume of the aquarium is 150 liters, with a sandy substrate. Aulonocara Red ruby ​​is another result of the work of breeders. For this reason, a lot of people will prefer to put other species that are also native to Lake Malawi and can withstand the conditions of the natural habitat. Other proportionate cichlids are treated calmly. Lake Malawi cichlids aquarium setup. Scientific Name : Pseudotropheus demasoni Common Names : Dwarf Mbuna Care Level : Easy to keep and a good beginner's cichlid. The minimum volume for keeping a group of fish is 100 liters. The males transform as they mature to present various colors while the females remain grey. If the male is successful in gaining the female’s attention, she will follow him into the cave. Feel free to copy any picture you want from my web site. The fishes are relatively calm, but during the spawning period, the males zealously defend their territory. "williamsi north" Makonde  (male), Pseudotropheus sp. It is best to keep a small harem of males and several females. See more ideas about Malawi cichlids, Cichlids, African cichlids. Most of the Cichlids found in Africa are in the three great water sources. If the water is not alkaline enough, you can use a carbonate buffer, calcium, or magnesium buffer to raise the levels and make the water harder. Lake Malawi is a clear freshwater lake with slightly alkaline water quality. Their colors are flamboyant, breeding is easy, they are robust and, above all, intelligent. A ratio of 1 male to 4 female is preferable when keeping Peacock Cichlids together for breeding purposes. I’m an Aquarium Keeper from the past 5+ years and here to let you know about your favorite fishes 😉 I hope you will enjoy my posts and share with like-minded fish keepers. Items 11 - 19 of 19. First picture is the Malawi cichlid display tank at the Shedd aquarium in Chicago                                                                 and the second is at the Atlanta Aquarium, Cynotilapia sp. Water conditions for a Lake Malawi biotope. Malawi cichlids prefer the a PH level range between 7.4 - 8.6 however they can adapt to lower levels but may not be as active or colourful as they should. Myself William and I love aquarium fishes! The size of the cichlids varies between 3cm and 1m. Caviar is incubated in the mouth. Lake Malawi Mbuna Cichlids Malawi Peacock Cichlids Haps / Victorians Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Catfish / Plecos / Other Food (Locally Produced) Category > Mbuna. Oscar Fish – Care, Size, Food, Tank Mates & Details! The lower part of the head and mouth are also colored blue. As long as proper tank conditions are maintained, and territories are well established, these fish are simple and hassle-free to take proper care of. It can turn to aggressive behavior if provoked or if its territory is invaded. Rosy Barb (Red Barb Fish) – Care, Size, Tank Mates & Details! Lake Malawi is deep and wide, and you want a tank in the ballpark of 48 × 24 × 24 inches. These fish are usually classified as a peaceful species, integrating with other members of its species well. Peacock Cichlids will usually pick a cave or rock formation to establish as its territory. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. The elongated body of the fish itself allows it to better maneuver through rocky environments as efficiently as possible. Yellow Lab Cichlid (Electric Yellow Cichlid) – Care, Tank Mates, Size & Details! The minimum tank size for these cichlids is 55 gallons, although it is better to start them with a 75-gallon aquarium. WATER: Like other Lake Malawi Cichlids, mbunas should be kept in water with a pH of 7.5-9.0, a water hardness from 10-20 dH, and a temperature between 75-81°F (24-27°C). Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara) is a species of the Astatotilapia genus with as many as 22 special varieties found in nature. For keeping this fish, a volume of 100 liters or more is required. The Peacock Cichlid is known for having quite a variety of different colors. The temperature of the water in the aquarium should stay between 75 to 81°F (24 to 27°C) for optimal growth and breeding conditions. A lower PH may also effect their breeding habits and if you intend to breed your cichlids this could have a damaging effect. Caviar is incubated in the mouth. Southern Malawi is run by myself, Tony and my wife Nadine. These include Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi, and Lake Tanganyika. Like other Lake Malawi cichlids, Mbuna cichlids are polygamous mouth brooders. Complete with an on-line store, discussion forums, species profiles, member's tank pics, articles, books, videos and helpful links. A pH between 7.5 and 9.0 is preferable for Peacock Cichlids depending on the species. Open swimming space, plus rock work for caves and hiding spaces. It is best to keep small harems, where 3-4 males are males, as males compete with each other for territory. Males can be distinguished from females by their colorful appearance. Peacock Cichlids tend to be fairly independent for most of their life. That said, it is very important that aqu… The high density of minerals in the Lake Malawi causes an increased level of water hardness in the areas inhabited by the fish. If you have plans of breeding them they are best kept in groups of 1 or 2 males with 8-15 females. Maylandia estherae (the Red zebra mbuna, Red zebra cichlid, or Esther Grant's zebra) is a haplochromine cichlid.It is a rock dwelling fish or mbuna from Lake Malawi.This fish, like most cichlids from Lake Malawi, is a mouthbrooder - females hold their fertilized eggs then fry in their mouths until they are released after about 21 days.

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